What We Offer

Our collection of managed IT services allow you to spend more time focusing on your business.

Unlimited Remote &
On-site Support

IT issues can cost you business and unexpected downtime can cost you money. When we partner with you, we want to keep your business productive. We offer unlimited support for any IT issues your business faces. You’ll speak directly with an IT expert and we’ll work to solve your problem as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Real Time Security

Real time security for your business is where we process security threats in real time. We do this through remote device monitoring as well as taking effective preventative measures. It starts with assessment. By reviewing your network and security policies, we work out what needs extra securing and monitoring. Then, we secure your networks and content and look at your access management. Meaning, once we’ve found where you’re vulnerable, we tighten up those opportunities to protect you. We also look at who can access what within your company and whether they really need that authorisation.

Decrease business disruption
Our real time security solutions work to decrease the risk of business disruptions and data loss, while minimising the cost of them, should they still happen. We achieve this by implementing firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention techniques, and data leak and loss prevention.

Monitor threats
As experts in IT, we know every endpoint in your network is an opportunity for a cyber attack. We combat that risk and protect your data by detecting and monitoring threats as they appear.

NBN & Phone Systems

Sick and tired of dealing with your ISP? We also provide and manage your NBN connection and phone systems, backed by a 100% Australian support team. Our plans range from basic 100/40Mbps services, all the way to Gigabit Enterprise Fibre speeds. We can even supply you with 4G backup systems, so you can be sure that your internet connection always stays on. We provide both corded and cordless business handsets, or ATA’s for any existing phones. Our services run over Hosted PBX and VOIP with reliable and cost-effective plans.

Email Management

Our email management services start with the creation and setup of your company’s email network. We create or migrate your email to G Suite, Office 365, Exchange, or a custom server where we then manage your network. Guaranteeing improved email deliverability, filtered outbound email filtering, and streamlined calendar collaborations, we’ll make recommendations based on how your business operates.

Email Management Benefits
Your email network’s security is monitored — decreasing exposure to security threats. Anti-spam tools ensure less time is spent filtering through emails — directly increasing your productivity. Emails are backed up on reliable and secure servers — providing quick disaster recovery when you need it.

G Suite & Office 365
G Suite is Google’s robust cloud computing software. Office 365 is Microsoft’s line of Office products and the Outlook email application. Both services provide your team members with their own (business-branded) email, cloud document storage, and calendar. Each service increases your team’s productivity through convenience and real time team collaboration. The individual applications within each software come with differing capabilities and the allowed storage and pricing can differ.

Cloud And Local Backup

Keep your data and works in progress safe through local and cloud backup solutions. A local backup is physical hardware stored in your office or premises that your team can save files to and access files from. A cloud backup stores your data in off-premises servers, usually through a third party service. Combining the two creates a secure and reliable backup system for your data.

We supply, install, and configure these solutions to suit your company’s needs. Our team are experienced in backup options and provide you with reliable recommendations for appropriate network connectivity between your company’s website and data centre.

Reliability of your backup is increased. Data recovery time is improved. Your data is better protected.

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Mobile Device Management

Industries that require individual team members to carry company mobile devices like mobile phones or laptops face additional security threats. A breach of security or loss of a device can result in a data breach or leak.

Reduce Risk
At IT Wizards we work to minimise those added risks with mobile device management. We offer services to manage, monitor, and report to you on all employee mobile devices. Through tracking and monitoring we can manage or remove rogue apps to increase productivity. Security is improved too, we have the ability to lock devices or wipe their data if they get lost or end up in the wrong hands. Mobile device management reduces your security risks and boosts productivity.

Remote Monitoring and Management

We monitor your IT so you don’t have to. Remotely Monitoring and Managing (RMM) your IT network, we ensure your hardware and networks are working perfectly — 24 hours, seven days. Real time and proactive monitoring means we detect problems early and we’re proactive with updates. We understand how important your business’ productivity is. All system maintenance is run outside of business hours so we don’t disrupt you. Updates, disk defrags, and cleanups are completed in downtime and of course, proactively. The result? You spend less time on IT concerns and more time growing your business.

Third Party Software Management

Third Party Software Management
Our third party software management service is all about saving you time and stress. We’ll set up and maintain your software — and provide useful suggestions to tweak the program, making it more user friendly or robust. Software for services like: accounting, email, documentation, project management or inventory can be optimised and tailored to your business.

We coordinate the software, manage it, and provide you with support services when you need them.

Secure Asset Tracking & Management

Secure Asset Tracking & Management
Your company’s device network is made up of devices like laptops, desktop computers, printers, routers, and switches. Secure asset management allows us to monitor the overall health of your IT asset environment through secure documentation of each asset.

Know where your assets are
Keeping records of each device in your network, as well as identifying details about that device (serial number, IP address, its uptime — to name a few), we keep track of all of your assets. This management is secure as no one can access this information. Access is granted through multi-factor authorisation which requires a secure login as well as a specific device.

Know more about them
With secure asset tracking, you can make informed decisions about your IT assets; including when they should be replaced, if they’ve potentially been mistreated by staff, and schedule maintenance effectively. It can reduce waste and costs too by allowing you to identify ghost assets — devices you’re paying for that aren’t being used.

Secure Credential (Password) Management

Secure Credential (Password) Management
Keep all of your sensitive information and data secure with secure credential management. Our IT experts offer sophisticated credential management that helps you avoid granting the wrong people access to your company’s data. It allows you to create and revoke logins, credentials, and authorisation from employees as they come and go.

Enterprise level security protection

Enterprise level security protection
Enterprise companies need extra attention when it comes to security protection. We provide cloud-connected protection against malware, APTs, attacks, and firewalls. Avoid costly issues such as malicious attacks, hacking, data loss, and spam through our innovative backup systems.

Monthly Security Reports

Monthly Security Reports
At IT Wizards we value communication. We report to you monthly about any identified threats or issues as well as the actions we took to rectify any issues.

Remote Access for Support

Remote Access for Support
We work to be your very own IT department — because you can’t always wait around for a technician to come out to you. Remotely accessing your devices, we provide IT support immediately, without coming onsite.

Windows Update and Third Party Software Patching

Windows Update and Third Party Software Patching
Software patching is a fix that can improve the functionality and security in third party software or add additional features. It’s a more immediate fix for bugs that often come up in software. Patching is more efficient than manually updating each device as it allows us to run updates all at once.

Less downtime, more security
The ability to update through patching is the efficient avenue for running Windows updates. This results in significantly less down time in your office. Third party software patching means we can remove security vulnerabilities that may be within certain software, providing you with extra peace of mind.

Critical Event Management - Alerts and Response

Critical Event Management - Alerts and Response
Critical event management is the most effective service to limit damage, should your business face a cyber attack. We consider a ‘critical event’ an IT failure, cyber attack, or any disruptive incident that could have an extreme consequence to your company.

We’ll alert you to the event before swiftly responding and taking effective actions. We’ll report to you; letting you know what steps we took to fix the issue. For added peace of mind, we then take steps to prevent similar events from happening in the future.

Network Documentation

Network Documentation
Keeping detailed network documentation is critical to effectively managing your network. By maintaining records about networks including: how it should look, perform, and changes that have been made.

Troubleshooting simplified
Accurate documentation of your network means problems can be solved quickly. Understanding how each component of your network interacts with the others makes it simple to troubleshoot. This is because your network documents work as a visual diagram we can use to pinpoint any issues, reducing the need to research or investigate further.

Improve & optimise network
Seeing your network laid out visually makes it easy to see how your network can be improved or optimised.

Network Risk Assessments

Network Risk Assessments
Our network risk assessments are all about identifying and minimising threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. It starts with a review of your technology (devices, software) and processes. From that review, we determine which assets need protecting and provide actionable steps to begin improving your network’s security.

We provide free network risk assessments to prospective IT Wizards Managed Services clients.

Monthly Network Status Reports

Monthly Network Status Reports
Communication is one of our values that underpins our service. We provide detailed monthly reports to you about your network status as well as any issues that came up and how they were rectified.

Cloud Storage Management

Cloud Storage Management
Cloud storage applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive are the smarter way to store working documents. They provide good backup and recovery options within secure networks. We ensure your chosen cloud is secure and set up logically — to avoid any potential disasters.

Accessibility & collaboration made simple
All documents are saved in real time, meaning your team members can collaborate within the same document at the same time — without being in the same office. Documents are easy to access from different devices and there’s no additional hardware needed.

Easy to use, easy to scale
Our team will set up the internal infrastructure in a logical way. Tailoring your cloud solution to you and your team, we ensure it’s easy, natural to the user, and fits into your process well. Documents are easy to share and the systems are easy to use. Even better, we set up cloud storage solutions that are easy to scale as your business does.

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